WBA Electronic Communications Policy

Electronic communications policy - 48 hour rule.

We strongly encourage that electronic communications focus on logistical arrangements and details only.  We want to encourage that any other topics get discussed in person or on the phone.  As has been the WBA policy, game-related topics should be discussed no sooner than 48 hours after the end of a game.  When coaches receive emails or texts about playing time or other tactics or strategies, a preferred response is "thank you for your communication when can we meet or set up a call to discuss."  In person conversations are usually more constructive than digital communications and less impersonal.  

Of course, anyone is free to send anything electronically that anyone wants, but we suggest that electronic communications only contain logistical information and that such communications should be of the nature that authors would be comfortable if any email were posted on the WBA website as we do think in some cases that may be warranted.      


Westfield Basketball Association Board of Directors

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