WBA Girls Recreation Rules

Second Grade:

-We will play 4 on 4 games.  

-Sessions will be 70 minutes long and combine practices and games. 

-Rims will be set at 8 feet. 

-Score and standings will not be kept. 

-No zone defense is allowed. The player will lineup at midcourt, matchup with a player and play man defense. No double teams are allowed. 

-Defense will be played beginning at approximately the foul line

-On ball steals are not permitted but intercepting a pass is allowed. 

-players will rotate playing point guard and bringing the ball up the court. 

-coaches should address egregious travels or fouls. Correct what the player did wrong and let them have the ball back. 


Third Grade:

-We will play 4 on 4 but 5 on 5 if there are a lot of players. 

-Sessions will be 90 minutes.  

-The score will not be kept but we will have a clock to keep time. Four 8 minute quarters. 

-A referee will be introduced for the first time. 

-No zone defense is allowed. 

-No double teams are allowed. 

-On ball steals are still not allowed. 

-We will begin the season having the referee call walks of more than approximately 4 steps and hopefully that number will decrease as we go through the season. A player who travels will be instructed on what they did wrong and get the ball back. 

-Defense will be played at the foul line area. 

-Coaches should not be on the floor with the players. 

-Foul shot distance is determined by player skill level. 


4th-5th Grade rules and 6-7-8th Grade:

-90 minute sessions.  

-We will play 5 on 5 at all times

-For the first time, scores and standings will be kept. There will be a 3-week playoff at the end of the season where a champion will be crowned. 

-Zone defense is not allowed. 

-Double teams are not allowed. Help defense is allowed on a driving player. 

-On ball steals are allowed. 

-Defense will be played beginning at the 3 point line

-The first few weeks of 4-5th the ref will correct travels. As the season goes on, travels will be called normally(2 steps)

-There will be a 10 second time limit to get the ball over half court. 

-Wasting time at midcourt to run out the clock at the end of the game is not allowed. A five-second closely guarded rule can be instituted by referee discretion. 

-There is no three-second violation but the referee has discretion to call it if the player is in the paint for more than 5 seconds. 

-4th graders can shoot foul shots from a slightly closer distance. 

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